Is your corporation legal?

Bestlevelup is a Singapore corporation that carries out all financial and commercial activities under Singapore law, based on licenses and issued by the Singaporean government watchdog.

Who can be your investor?

Bestlevelup is open to cooperate for everyone. Any individual or corporation from any nation may open an account with us, and we are happy to accept investors from wherever on the planet. The main condition is tolerating our terms.

How many accounts can I open with ?

Each can open and manage only one single account. Please observe this rule.

How much does it cost to open an account with you?

Opening account with us is absolutely free. There are no hidden costs and no maintenance fees.

Can I lose my money invested in the corporation?

Your investment, as well as your trust are our core values. We will try our best to protect your money and will have the best policies for you. Perform quests that raise your level as well as your group to raise interest rates.

What information should I give to my account?

The minimum amount of information we need about you is your full name, email address and passport. national card. driver’s license.

What does the company do regarding the privacy of personal data provided?

Your personal data will be kept security.  will not be disclosed to third parties, except authorized government agencies.

Can I be sure of the security of my data?

We guarantee to our users the protection and safety of their personal information. The site is protected from all DDoS attacks. Any transmitted data passes SSL-encryption. We have only reliable script and high-class SSL certificates.

What investment packages does the corporation provide?

Bestlevelup offers four investment packages. Hourly, day, week and month. Interest rates will vary depending on your level.

Which payment methods Bestlevelup accept?

At the moment we work with over a thousand different payment gateways.

Can I cancel investment packages in the corporation?

No you can not. but you get hourly interest. and you can withdraw anytime when your balance reaches 6$ . And you can withdraw the entire investment amount when completing the investment package.

How do i make my first investment?

To invest with us, you must first become our member. and top up to invest in different packages, Once you have registered, you can log in to your private and secure account with the email and password you registered. You will need to click on ‘Deposit’, where you can select the payment method to deposit.

When you have money, you can choose the investment packages according to your needs.

(Tips: choose a short-term investment package to do the task of improving your level, when the relative level selects the long-term investment package to raise interest rates)

When can I get profit and investment amount?

Under all different investment packages, you will receive profit every hour and be notified via email or your personal or group page. and receive the investment amount after the end of the effective period of investment.

Is there a limit on the amount of investment? Can I open different investment packages at the same time?

Each investment package will have different time and limits, please visit the investment section to learn more. You can open different investment packages at the same time

What payment systems can I use to withdraw money? Can i choose

Currently we support withdrawals through 6 payment gateway including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH,ETC

How fast are the operations of transferring funds on the deposit, as well as the withdrawal of the funds?

All deposit operations are carried out immediately. Deposit is made at the request processing speed of the server and that is only done at a glance. However, to improve the financial stability and security of our platform to achieve a long-term partnership with users, withdrawal requests will depend on the payment gateway you choose. It can take from several minutes to 24 business hours to be processed.

Get in touch with our customer support service. There may be technical problems with the payment system you use?

Get in touch with our customer support service. There may be technical problems with the payment system you use.

How do I know my account transaction history?

Enter the control panel area in the menu, you can see the investment history. Click on the deposit and withdrawal area to view the transaction history

Who can join your group?

Anyone who opens an account on our site can apply to join the group,
You can refuse or accept more members,
You can also kick a member out of the group when it is inactive.

How to get more POINT?

Just need to invest

1USD from invest profit = 1POINT

What is Group Reward?

Group Reward or Group Wallet is the reward the group receives.

Whenever a member of a group invests in a 1Week or 1Month package, the group will receive a reward of 0.2% or 0.5% of GroupPoints, respectively.

1Week   => 0.2% Group Point

1Month => 0.5% Group Point

What is your Referral link?

When an investor joins BLU + following your referral link, that person will join your group (F1).

Share your referral link with your friends and family, it will help you earn referral rewards.

Find the ref link on: bestlevelup.com/u/Profile

  • Group Owner earn 10% of F1 interest.
  • a Leader earn 10% of F1 interest also.

When do I become a Leader?

You become a leader when the team you manage reaches level 8.

Leaders receive 20% of profits from F1 and 10 USD.
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