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We are looking for the members with the most enthusiasm


As you know, with our Affiliate Program, we give 10% of the members’ interest to their group owner, an additional 10% if the group owner has the title of Leader.

Check Affiliate Program here:

In order to bring more benefits to our team leaders, we decided to launch Brand Ambassador Program.

Read more about Brand Ambassador’s benefits =>

Unlimited income

  • Package: Week and Month only
  • Rate (%): Percent based on Invest Amount
  • Invest Amount (USD): The amount that your member invested
  • Commission Amount (USD): You will receive the commission amount and can be withdrawn immediately after your member has invested
    In addition, you will be reach the title of Leader and receive 20% of the interest rate of the member.
  • Note:
    • This program only applies to those who are Brand Ambassadors.
    • Commissions will be calculated from the time you become a brand ambassador, any previous investment packages do not count.

Minimum requirements:

  • Your group must have at least 20 members
  • Your group is very active
  • You have the ability to convince investors
    You need to have 40 point
  • There will be a BLUE Team working directly and checking your business location, with a $ 10,000 escrow account
  • After becoming a brand ambassador, if you do not have active activities, all your rights will be ceded to others
  • You will be removed from the program if you create a mirror account without prior notice
  • We will consider many other conditions to determine if you can become a brand ambassador.

Upgrade Your Account now

Go: and enter your BM Code

Do not have a code?

Email us if you feel you can meet the eligibility: [email protected]

or submit your info(s) here:


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