Introduce interest rates, individual level system and group level

Is an integral invention of Bestlevelup, help investor to profit from different levels of investment.

Basic Interest Rate

The basic interest rate for investment packages excluding the individual and group interest.


Individual level

LVL.2Share Ref Link0.0010%0.72%
LVL.3Borrow $100 from BLU0.0015%1.08%
LVL.5Join a group0.0030%2.16%
LVL.6Introduction a F10.0040%2.88%
LVL.740 points0.0055%3.96%
LVL.8144 points0.0060%4.32%
LVL.9272 points0.0065%4.68%
LVL.10460 points0.0070%5.04%
LVL.11796 points and 2 invest package0.0080%5.76%
LVL.121592 points0.0085%6.12%
LVL.132211 points + 2 F10.0090%6.48%
LVL.142924 points0.0095%6.84%
LVL.153601 points + your group level 60.0100%7.20%
LVL.164672 points + One 1Day package0.0110%7.92%
LVL.175096 points0.0120%8.64%
LVL.186068 points + One 1Week package0.0130%9.36%
LVL.197676 points0.0140%10.08%
LVL.208951 points0.0150%10.80%
LVL.219635 points + One 1Month package0.0160%11.52%
LVL.2210500 points0.0170%12.24%
LVL.2311111 points0.0180%12.96%
LVL.2412111 points + 6 invest package0.0190%13.68%
LVL.2515555 points + lvl.12 group0.0200%14.40%

Interest rates can be adjusted later

Group level

Each account has 2 groups, the group you manage and the group you are a member of, members receive a maximum of 15% interest rate for each group

LVL.1Have 2 members0.5%
LVL.22 members KYC0.8%
LVL.3The group has 2 members who borrow money ($100)1.2%
LVL.4At least 2 members invested1.5%
LVL.53 members2.0%
LVL.63 members have their own group reached lvl.12.5%
LVL.7500 points2.9%
LVL.81481 points3.2%
LVL.92211 points and 3 members invested3.5%
LVL.104600 points + 8 Week package5.0%
LVL.116400 points + 9 Month package5.5%
LVL.1212.800 points + 11 Week package6.0%
LVL.1319.110 points + 15 Month package6.5%
LVL.1428.000 points + 20 Week package7.0%
LVL.1532.000 points + 25 Week package + 25 Month package10.0%
LVL.1640.000 points + 30 Week package + 30 Month package10.5%
LVL.1766.000 points11.0%
LVL.1888.000 points12.0%
LVL.19120.000 points12.5%
LVL.20120.001 points + 50 Week package + 50 Month package15.0%

Interest rates can be adjusted later

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